La Trobe University Bachelor of Journalism (Sport) graduate Sean Munaweera didn’t take a conventional route into the sport industry.

Now working as a reporter/sub-editor for the Australian Football League and as a digital content producer for Tennis Australia, Munaweera initially studied Performing Arts in pursuit of a career as an actor.  In what he now describes as a ‘soul searching journey’, he discovered an interest in sport media during a casual gig as MC at a gymnastics tournament.

Recognising that some of the skills learned during his performing arts degree could be applied in the sport industry, Sean decided to re-commence study in 2012.  The mature-aged student didn’t waste any time getting his name out there, building a portfolio of work using assignments and internships to present to potential employers.

“There is a compulsory (internship) component in the course… but the thing is you need to try and do as much as you can,” said Munaweera.

Sean (far left) worked as a student ambassador during his time at La Trobe University.

“It’s all about going above and beyond and trying to do more than what’s required so that when you come out of the other side of the course you’re adequately prepared and ready to jump in the deep end.”

That leap from graduation to a full-time job didn’t happen instantly for Sean, securing a position at the AFL in March 2016 following an extended job search.  He stressed the importance of staying positive during the job hunt, stating it’s vital to keep broadening your skill set to become as employable as possible.

“There’s no such thing as a one-trick pony in sport media anymore,” said Munaweera.

“In an industry like sport things can change on a yearly, monthly or even weekly basis so you need to make sure you stay sharp and on top of it.”

“You need to know that there are jobs out there for students, so stay the course and don’t get disheartened and eventually you’ll find a position that you’re the perfect candidate for.”

You can find out more about the internship opportunities La Trobe University provides through its sport partnerships by visiting here.

The La Trobe Bachelor of Journalism (Sport) degree is now offered as the Bachelor of Media and Communication (Sport Journalism).