After receiving offers from multiple universities to undertake a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science degree, I decided to study at La Trobe due to its strong reputation in sport and sport research.  The extensive list of university partners also swayed my decision as the chance to complete my placement at a well-known sports club was a possibility.

During semester 2 of my second year, we were invited to participate in an interview process with Melbourne City for an opportunity to complete our placement at the club. I was lucky enough to receive one of the two available positions for an A-League internship.

When I arrived at City Football academy on my first day I was greeted by Ed Leng, the head of Sport Science. I was given a tour of the state of the art facility, introduced to the human performance team and given my own Melbourne City Nike kit to be worn when working at the club.

Feelings of worry or anxiety about working with professional athletes were quickly replaced with excitement and confidence as I was embraced and supported by staff.

La Trobe University is one of Melbourne City’s major partners.

As an intern I was involved with organising and setting up warm-up and training equipment, nutrition, supplements and hydration.  As I became familiar with daily routines, I was given more responsibility such as data input and logging training session specifics in the City Football database. I was also able to sit in on daily high performance meetings and strength and conditioning sessions with players.

It was good to see that what was being taught at university was also being practiced in a professional sporting club. I was able to understand terminology used by the sport science team and previous lectures on periodization, training loads and measures of fatigue and wellness were suddenly very relevant.

The time I have spent with Melbourne City FC has provided me with invaluable experience, made possible by the club’s relationship with La Trobe.  It has given me an insight into what is required to work in a professional sporting environment, create industry contacts and develop an exciting new direction in which to steer my career in sport.